an electrician fixing wiring on an electrical component Electrical Maintenance Services

PJL Electrical Solutions offers regular maintenance of the electrical system for both residential, commercial and industrial properties.

For a business, it is important to avoid the inconvenience of a faulty electrical system. Having the system fail at the busiest of hours can be a frustrating as well as a costly experience. PJL Electrical Solutions offers high standard maintenance for both commercial and residential properties - eliminating the risk of a faulty system and allowing your day to go on as usual.

With our reliable and efficient service, you can depend on being assisted shortly in case of a fault or a complete breakdown in your electrical system.

We have the expertise to make sure your home or business is running smoothly and efficiently - at all times.
We aim to be up-to-date on recent technologies and current solution. PJL Electrical Solutions will always use the most advanced technology to determine where the fault is and what should be done to avoid a similar fault in the future.

A maintenance service with our team does not only mean a fully functional system today - it is a guarantee of a functional and current system for many years to come.

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We will take on your full electrical requirements; from the initial consultation and determining the design of your system, to the certification stage of your installed system. The service we provide is always bespoke, and we will design the system according to your requirements.