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PJL Electrical Solutions will provide the design of electrical systems for residential, commercial and industrial installations.

Our professional electricians of are fully qualified and will efficiently work out the design of your electrical system - making sure that it meets the most current regulations and legislation.
We will cover every step of the process; from the consultation and design to the installation itself, the certification that follows and the servicing of it. Our team has the experience and expertise to assist you through the entire process; so that you can feel confident that your electrical solution remains safe and functional for many years to come.

The design of the electrical systems includes the installation of additional power and lighting points and determining the required power supply for your property.

  • The design of the electrical system includes the following steps:
  • Determine the supply characteristics
  • Prepare the installation of the distribution system
  • Design the distribution system
  • Determine load characteristics
  • Determine the protective devices and cables
  • Consider limitations of the voltage drop
  • Calculate the earth fault loop blockage.
  • Calculate the prospective fault currents
  • Determine the earthing
  • Size the final circuits and check the isolation
  • Final assessments
  • Sign the electrical installation certificate

We have the expertise to cover all of these steps of the design stage, prepare the installation of the design and also take care of all the necessities after the installation of your electrical system.

Trust us to consider which system will function better for your residential, commercial or industrial property. We work professionally and in the most timely and professional manner, always leaving the premises neat and orderly.

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We will take on your full electrical requirements; from the initial consultation and determining the design of your system, to the certification stage of your installed system. The service we provide is always bespoke, and we will design the system according to your requirements.